Canada’s Leading Immigrant Champion
Immigration is changing the face of Canada today. These are complex issues in even more complex times, but as one of Canada’s leading authorities on immigrant integration and career outcomes, Nick Noorani is helping make sense of it all.

Author of three books, a motivational speaker, consultant and media personality, Nick has become a powerful voice for the successful integration of immigrants in Canada and bridging cultural gaps in the workplace and beyond.

He shows organizations how to incorporate diversity practices.

He motivates immigrants to succeed in Canada.

He is a passionate advocate, helping to shape policy and social issues.

Want a better workplace? A better life? A better Canada? Get inspired with Nick’s keynotes, workshops and publications.

Why Nick?
Hear Nick Noorani speak, and he will provide you with the tools to better leverage diversity in your life or your organization. More than that, he will move and inspire you. He speaks from the heart about the challenges immigrants and people of diverse backgrounds face in life and business.

Nick is available for keynote speeches and half-day/full-day workshop programs. His programs are powerful, emotional and highly motivating. Packed full of information and tips, Nick’s easy and humorous presentations also engage and entertain. No one leaves one of Nick’s presentations untouched. They leave with the energy and motivation to take things to the next level.

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About Nick

Nick Noorani is living the dream, literally. Dubbed a social entrepreneur and an immigrant champion, Nick has been working with immigrants for the past fifteen years. To read more go to About Nick

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