Keynotes & Workshops

Nick can adapt his diversity message to your needs. Invite him to address your conference, clients or staff with one of his rousing keynote addresses. Or book him for a half-day or full-day workshop to take things to the next level.

Speeches and keynotes are typically 30 minutes to one hour in length, and may include a PowerPoint presentation and a question-and-answer segment.

Workshops are expanded programs based on a more casual, interactive format, with handbooks, a PowerPoint presentation, exercises and extensive question-and-answer session.

For a Corporate Audience

  • Diversity in the Workplace: Strategies for Success
  • Ethnic Marketing Strategies: Myths, Misconceptions and Realities of the Immigrant Demographic
  • Hiring Immigrants and Leveraging their Strengths
  • Immigration and the Future of Canada
  • The Second Step: Leveraging immigrant employees in your business

For an Immigrant Audience

  • Seven Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants
  • Corporate Etiquette for Canadian Immigrants
  • Immigration and the Future of Canada
  • The Generation Gap: Immigrants and Parenting

For Entrepreneurs

  • 10 Gems of Entrepreneurship

For a Professional Audience

  • “I am an Immigrant, Hire Me Please”: A Presentation for HR Professionals and Businesses
  • Beyond English: A Presentation for ESL Teachers
  • Helping Newcomers Succeed: A Presentation for Immigrant Settlement Workers

For a General Audience

  • The Sum Total: How the people closest to us impact our lives

Read an excerpt from his speech “Seven Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants.”

About Nick

Nick Noorani is living the dream, literally. Dubbed a social entrepreneur and an immigrant champion, Nick has been working with immigrants for the past fifteen years. To read more go to About Nick

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