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Nick is the go-to-guy for national and local media in Canada on immigration topics. Here are some of  the articles in which Nick is featured:

CTV OCtober 2009 Nick Noorani of Canadian Immigrant Magazine says if the reports are true, the would-be Canadian immigrants could be in for a lifetime of paying off their $50,000 ticket and these people are not criminals but victims of circumstance.

CTV May 2009 Award ceremony recognizes top Canadian immigrants
The first annual Top 25 Canadian Immigrants award ceremony was held Monday in Vancouver, recognizing some of the most noteworthy new Canadians. The awards are the brainchild of Nick Noorani, publisher of Canadian Immigrant Magazine. “We’ve got people from Africa, Brazil, Romania, all across the world,” Noorani said. “And we didn’t choose them – Canada did.” ATTACHED CTV British Columbia < More info here >

Globe & Mail Failure and risk. April 2009
How can business ’successfully fail’ so it becomes a learning experience for all involved? “Canadian Immigrant magazine was my 17th entrepreneurial venture,” says Nick Noorani. “The other 16 were lessons in how to do it right!” < More info here > New amendments boost ‘currency’ of Canadian citizenship
Vancouver, BC, Apr. 17, 2009- Nick Noorani shares his views on amendments to the Citizenship Act were made last year, which have now become law, including comments made by Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney… < More info here >

Workopolis Connections Newsletter: Hiring for skills
Toronto, ON Dec. 16, 2008 -”Systemic racism- those are the two words that sum up all of the so-called reasons for not hiring immigrants – from wanting to hire ‘people like us’ to inadequate communication skills and a lack of Canadian experience,” says Naeem (Nick) Noorani, the Vancouver-based founder/publisher of the Canadian Immigrant magazine, which has a nation-wide circulation of 82,000 copies in Toronto and Vancouver, with 275,000 monthly readers… < More info here >

The Vancouver Sun: Immigrant issues barely make agenda in civic campaign
Vancouver, BC Nov. 1, 2008 – Nick Noorani, president of the Vancouver Multicultural Society and publisher of Canadian Immigrant magazine, said there is a huge need in Vancouver for better settlement programs. But he’s worried they could decline as city budgets constrict… < More info here >

Corporate Knights Magazine, Diversity Issue: “No Room For Talent?” (Vol. 7, Issue. 2)
Toronto, ON October 2008 – In the article “No Room For Talent?” you can read about founder and publisher Nick Noorani ‘ story, including his ’seven success secrets for immigrants.’ Download the PDF and turn to pages 19 to 24 for the full story … <More info here >

The Vancouver Sun: Canadian, and ready to vote
Toronto, ON Oct. 14, 2008-�€œ Burnaby resident Madan Lal Bassi has accomplished many things in his 63 years of life. He is a husband and father, a veteran of the Indian Air Force, a speaker of at least four languages, a globetrotter, and proud new Canadian citizen… < More info here >

Ryerson Review of Journalism March 2008
It’s three in the morning on a sweet April day in 2003, and Naeem  ‘Nick’  Noorani wakes up in his Vancouver home. Despite having left Dubai five years earlier with his family, he still finds something strange about this country. “Everyone says Canada is a country of immigrants,” he says. “There are magazines on wilting daffodils and three-legged squirrels, fishermen and furniture, but there’s no magazine for immigrants.” < More info here >

National Review of Medicine: Publisher Naeem ‘Nick’ Noorani and mention of the Canadian Immigrant magazine National Review of Medicine
May 2008, “Immigration bill could fast-track IMGs: Foreign-trained doctors warn the changes won’t speed licensing.”… < More info here >

BC Business: November 2007
Noorani, whom everyone calls “Nick,” is an affable and optimistic entrepreneur who speaks from experience. He is author (with his wife, Sabrina) of the definitive immigrant handbook, Arrival Survival Canada, a regular guest on the “Ask Nick” segment of CBC Radio One’s The Link, and host of a weekly program on Radio Canada International that reaches potential immigrants worldwide. < More info here >

Make it business October 2007
Noorani – publisher of the Canadian Immigrant magazine – launched his monthly magazine in April 2004 and piloted it to a successful sale last November to the Toronto Star Group. But it is the intervening 31 months that are compelling. < More info here >

Burnaby News Leader 2006
Naeem “Nick” Noorani is making less money today, but he’s never had more job satisfaction. As publisher of Burnaby-based The Canadian Immigrant Magazine, which is marking its second anniversary this month, Noorani knows his work is having a positive impact in the community. < More info here >

Courier May 2005
When Naeem “Nick” Noorani and his wife Sabrina immigrated to Vancouver in 1998 from Dubai, the transition wasn’t easy, even for a highly skilled couple who had already lived in six cities in four countries. < More info here >

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Nick Noorani is living the dream, literally. Dubbed a social entrepreneur and an immigrant champion, Nick has been working with immigrants for the past fifteen years. To read more go to About Nick

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