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Nick has his own radio show called “Ask Nick” on Radio Canada International. On the show, he answers questions from immigrants on settlement and employment issues in Canada. Click here to hear some of the archived shows.

Nick has also been featured in the following radio and television media:

  • CTV
  • CBC TV
  • CBC Radio
  • Global National
  • Fanny Keifer Show
  • SUN TV
  • PBS
  • CKNW
  • Vision TV and more

Featured newsclip #1: CTV News and Canada AM, Oct. 8, 2008
CTV’s Election 2008 Coverage: Immigrant voters. A magazine for new immigrants in Canada releases some preliminary results exclusively to Canada AM about the issues that concern immigrants in the upcoming federal election. Watch the interview with Canadian Immigrant’s founder and publisher Nick Noorani … < More info here >

Featured newsclip #2: Vision TV: THE DAILY: Weekend Edition
Nick Noorani shares his views on the Canadian immigration process with host Todd Cantelon. To watch the entire segment, you can check it out at Vision TV’s website … < More info here >

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Nick Noorani is living the dream, literally. Dubbed a social entrepreneur and an immigrant champion, Nick has been working with immigrants for the past fifteen years. To read more go to About Nick

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