‘I congratulate Nick Noorani for taking the leadership in this effort to recognise those who have come here from every corner of the globe and made their Canadian stories true success stories.

Nick you’ve done just that with your own magazine – Canadian Immigrant Magazine which provides an important voice and platform.

You are doing what Canada does. You are bringing people together from different backgrounds and demonstrating the great success story and Canada’s model of pluralism where we all come together respect our different backgrounds and professions but do so on the basis of our common Canadian values. Our belief in human dignity. In freedom. In equality of men and women. In freedom of religion and expression.’ Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Hon. Jason Kenney

“Nick Noorani speaks to newcomers as a newcomer himself.  As such, he is not only a credible source of relevant practical advice, but also an inspiration to many.” Katrina Murray, Vice-President – Canadian Partnerships, Association of Canadian Community Colleges

“Nick not only speaks from the heart, he speaks from experience. He is living the immigrant dream and inspires others to do the same”. Patricia Woroch, CEO Immigrant Services Society of BC

“Nick demonstrates a depth of understanding of the immigrant experience and is able to knowledgeably connect with the will to achieve in such a way that not only gives hope, but inspires new arrivals to reach for, participate and contribute much more to Canadian society as a whole. Not only is he providing critical information for social, political and economic mobility — he more importantly gets to the heart of what it means to be a Canadian.”  Alden E. Habacon Manager of Diversity Initiatives, English Television Network CBC Television

“Nick spoke at MARCOM 2009, where he shared his first-hand knowledge of myths, misconceptions and realities about marketing to immigrants.  The feedback was extremely positive as was expected from his reputation, engaging nature and clear expertise of his subject-matter.  I would highly recommend gleaning as much from this truly passionate Canadian immigrant as possible.  He’s relevant, real and delivers!”  Claire Mills Vice President, Business Development and Consulting Services. Colterman Marketing Group (CMG) Canada

“Nick has always ‘walked the talk’ and actively contributed to initiatives by either speaking to immigrants directly about the need to be positive and hardworking in Canada, writing articles on controversial topics to raise awareness, and doing research and presenting it to government officials to move things forward. Nick is one of the most committed advocates for immigrant rights in Canada.”- Olga Scherbina, Principal, Senior Consultant, Diversity CLUES

“Nick Noorani spoke at a multicultural conference I helped organize. He was key to the success of the conference, both in terms of his input and his actual presentation the day of the event.”- Chris Daniels

“Nick is a consummate professional who knows how to get things done. Full of entrepreneurial spirit, a great strategic mind, innovative approaches and a motivational streak, he can align interests and create a situation that creates a win-win scenario with great ROI for those involved.”- Shafiq Jamal, Director, Corporate Communications, Best Buy Canada Ltd.

“Nick Noorani’s work to inspire all immigrants is an inspiration in itself.”- Silvia Campos, Freelance Writer

“Nick Noorani is not only a highly entertaining speaker, but also a man of great drive and vision. Nick has a singular ability to speak for immigrants in a language that is warmly accepted by Canada’s mainstream.”- Anouk Flambert, Owner, Third Culture / Dialogue & Insights

“I always appreciated Nick’s good nature, expertise, and on-camera ease and confidence. My husband, who is currently immigrating from Mexico, has also read Nick’s Arrival Survival book cover to cover, and found it immensely helpful.”- Susan Biali, Media Wellness Expert, The Daily

“Nick’s passion for educating, motivating and helping Canadian immigrants is outstanding. His energy, business savvy and willingness to take on the impossible leave me speechless time and time again. He may be the most remarkable, warm-hearted, positive and inspiring person you will ever meet.”- Elena Yunusov, Freelance Writer and Communications Professional

“I was blown away with his high energy and passion for his cause. Nick is a great networker and speaker skills which he uses to great effect in his advocacy for Canadian immigrants. To any professional immigrant, Nick is a wonderful source of inspiration. His achievements speak volumes of his entrepreneurial, networking and personal skills.”- Jagdish Ruprell, Operations Manager, Marquise Facilities Corporation

“Nick’s successful career is vivid evidence of high professionalism and enormous hard work. It was an absolute privilege for me to attend his lecture on Seven Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants. Seven secrets have become a part of my daily strategy and I am sure that it can bring a value for every new person coming to Canada.”- Nataliya Dardan

“Through his speaking engagements and through his column in his own magazine, Nick has been at the forefront of providing a perspective to all newcomers to Canada and help them succeed in settling down in a new country. He goes out of his way to assist newcomers.”- Mayank Bhatt, Student, Sheridan College

“Nick is very dynamic and has a thorough understanding of the new immigrant market. Nick has offered some expert materials for my company as we evolve our New To Canada strategies. He brings an expertise and smart business sense to his work.”-Anita DiPaolo-Booth

“Nick is very hardworking, intelligent, energetic and passionate in helping people. He has improved the lives of many Canadian immigrants and still working hard in helping immigrants.”- Frederick Ashu, Legal, Venture Law

“Nick is a charismatic networker, passionate speaker and strong advocate for immigrants.”- Shawn Mintz, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, ACCES Employment

“Nick is an icon when it comes to talking about immigrants in Canada. I have always admired his perseverance and enthusiasm to achieve his goals.”- Malay Kapoor, Human Resources Manager, Commonwealth of Learning

“Articulate, witty and well-informed, Nick is a one-man diversity seminar and immigrant rights whirlwind.”- Gavin Barrett, Partner, Creative Director, rao barrettandwelsh group

“My first contact with Nick was when he presented the 2007 Employer Diversity award to a group of senior leaders at CIBC. After listening to him for a few minutes, the word that came automatically to mind was “passion”.” Nick is very passionate about supporting newcomers and other persons with an immigrant background. He is a genuine advocate, through his many speaking engagements and presentations on the subject of integrating into the Canadian way of life and business environment. His willingness to support the success of others less knowledgeable has made him a role model to emulate.”-Keith Hernandez, Owner, KAH Consultants

“Nick is a very good businessman and entrepreneur. I’ve seen him go from concept, through start-up, building and ultimately exiting on his great idea of a resource for Canadian immigrants. He’s a man of integrity, very personable and knowledgeable and has established himself as the “go to guy” for media, government, etc. as a resource on immigration. He’s also multi-talented being a best-selling author and speaker. – Praveen Varshney, Director, Varshney Capital Corp.

“What impresses me the most about Nick is how much he truly cares about people – he truly personifies the idea of success by helping others succeed.”- Susan Low, Principal Consultant, Directis Consulting Group Ltd.

“Anybody who is around Nick for two minutes gets charged with his enthusiasm and highly positive outlook on everything. I have watched him light up a room with laughter, while genuinely making everyone feel great. Nick has a refreshing perspective on what it takes to run a successful company.”- Tyler Wright, Owner, MegawattPR.com

“Nick is the go-to-man for Canadian immigrant issues. He is tireless in his efforts to provide forums to assist Canadian immigrants succeed in Canada. I tip my hat to him for all his passion, hard work and dedication.”- Deb Catherwood, Business Advisor, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

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Nick Noorani is living the dream, literally. Dubbed a social entrepreneur and an immigrant champion, Nick has been working with immigrants for the past fifteen years. To read more go to About Nick

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