Moving to Canada Journey E12 – Nick Noorani (‘The Godfather’ of Canadian Immigration) • 38 min

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#Takeaways from this episode: 

Business Owners:

  • How did Nick move from running the largest call centre and ad agency in Dubai to starting multiple businesses in Canada?
  • What was his first Canadian business and how did he sell it to the Toronto Star newspaper?
  • When is the right time for immigrants to open up their own business?
  • What has Nick created for the newcomers who lost their job in the 2020 pandemic?(Links below)
  • Why did Nick launch the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant award?


  • Why is getting your first job a smart move?
  • Why is a mentor important for one’s growth? 
  • Why is the cover letter your biggest tool to create an impression and how much time should you take to create one for a job?
  • #3  success secrets to your first job: Volunteering, Mentorship, Networking

International Students:

  • Should international students move to Canada at any cost?
  • What should international students look out for before selecting a program?

Favourite Themes/ Quotes:

  • “What do newcomers have in common with a sponge?”
  • “Immigrants don’t need to change, we just learn to adapt like we change our clothes in response to the season.”
  • “We don’t know what we don’t know”


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From the Author


You could actually call Canada Countdown a prequel to Arrival Survival Canada, which is now in its third edition published by Oxford University Press and is a Canadian best-seller. While that book goes into everything you need to know in your first year after coming to Canada, this book concentrates on how to get here, and some of the initial steps you need to take before and after you land.

Over the years, I have literally met thousands of immigrants face to face on the streets of Canada and through my 7 Success Secrets for Canadian immigrants Seminar. In 2012, I did 10 seminars in five cities in India speaking to hundreds of brilliant professionals who wanted to come to Canada but didn’t know where to start!

Skilled workers want to migrate to Canada but have to pay consultants’ exorbitant fees. The horror stories of some of these consultants are legendary with some victims paying huge fees and never ever getting to see their dream home!

I wanted to create a level-playing field for prospective immigrants. I wanted to write a book that would be a quick and simple read for immigrants who could use the information to apply to Canada themselves.