They Say

“I first met Nick at the launch of his book Arrival Survival in Canada. Impressed by his expertise and enthusiasm to help Newcomers settle in Canada, we arranged for Scotiabank to gift copies of his book to newly arrived Canadian account holders; the response was very positive. A couple of years later, Nick and I toured India to deliver settlement seminars to people preparing to immigrate to Canada. Inundated by the demand for settlement advice and to make the best use of resources and technology, Nick developed Prepare for Canada to deliver web-based seminars. Collaborating with the IRCC (then CIC) funded organization CIIP and Scotiabank, Prepare for Canada reached out to potential immigrants in their home countries across India, the Philippines, Middle East and the UK before their arrival in Canada.

Nick is a visionary, tactical planner, an astute businessman and a consummate marketer, but above all he genuinely cares for the well-being of new Canadians arriving to make a new life in this country. Having personally witnessed him speaking to and interacting with newly arrived immigrants at many of his seminars, I have seen firsthand the impact he makes. Thank you, Nick for reaching out to help so many Canadians at a time when they felt most vulnerable and needed a sympathetic ear and a helping hand!” Pankaj Mehra.

‘I congratulate Nick Noorani for taking the leadership in this effort to recognise those who have come here from every corner of the globe and made their Canadian stories true success stories. Nick you’ve done just that with your own magazine – Canadian Immigrant Magazine which provides an important voice and platform.

You are doing what Canada does. You are bringing people together from different backgrounds and demonstrating the great success story and Canada’s model of pluralism where we all come together respect our different backgrounds and professions but do so on the basis of our common Canadian values. Our belief in human dignity. In freedom. In equality of men and women. In freedom of religion and expression.’ Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Hon. Jason Kenney 28 May, 2009

“Nick is a very good businessman and entrepreneur. I’ve seen him go from concept, through start-up, building and ultimately exiting on his great idea of a resource for Canadian immigrants. He’s a man of integrity, very personable and knowledgeable and has established himself as the “go to guy” for media, government, etc. as a resource on immigration. He’s also multi-talented being a best-selling author and speaker. – Praveen Varshney, Director, Varshney Capital Corp.

“Nick is the go-to-man for Canadian immigrant issues. He is tireless in his efforts to provide forums to assist Canadian immigrants succeed in Canada. I tip my hat to him for all his passion, hard work and dedication.”- Deb Catherwood, Business Advisor, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

“I have been working with Nick on a number of projects, mostly as volunteers contributing on the Board or Advisory Group’s level. While others could have attended meetings just for being noted in the minutes, Nick always ‘walked the talk’ and actively contributed to initiatives by either speaking to immigrants directly about the need to be positive and hardworking in Canada, writing articles on controversial topics to raise awareness, and doing a research and presenting it to government officials to move things forward. Nick is one of the most committed advocates for immigrant rights in Canada and in BC, in particular. I consider myself very lucky and honored to know Nick and to learn from him.” Olga Scherbina

“Nick Noorani spoke at a multicultural conference I helped organize. He was key to the success of the conference, both in terms of his input and his actual presentation the day of the event. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again for his detailed understanding of the multicultural market in Canada.” Chris Daniels Editor Marketing Magazine

“Nick spoke at MARCOM 2009, where he shared his first-hand knowledge of myths, misconceptions and realities about marketing to immigrants.  The feedback was extremely positive as was expected from his reputation, engaging nature and clear expertise of his subject-matter.  I would highly recommend gleaning as much from this truly passionate Canadian immigrant as possible.  He’s relevant, real and delivers!”  Claire Mills, Vice President, Business Development and Consulting Services. Colterman Marketing Group (CMG) Canada

“Ever since I started the PR application process, I have been religiously following your blogs and articles. They have been tremendously helpful in guiding me through this maze. I have successfully received my PR visa and am planning to move in May this year with my wife. I wish I will someday be able to thank you in person. God bless you Sir and please keep up the noble work. Thanks again!”  K.R. 

​”I am a newcomer to Canada & in my first few weeks I joined the library where I saw your book “365 Tips for Newcomers”. Of course, I had to borrow it! Wow what a great book. Tip #2 really resonates with me as I try to adjust. I would love to connect with you. You are a great encouragement!” M.T. 

​”I read your article on the TOI website titled “7 success secrets for newcomers in Canada”. Well, I am planning to arrive in Vancouver as my COPR has been issued and am looking to network with people there. Your article is genuinely informative and inspiring. ” P.T.

​”Nick is remarkable. His passion for educating, motivating and helping Canadian immigrants is outstanding. His Canadian Immigrant Magazine managed to do what no other publication in Canada has done – to give immigrants a voice, let them tell their own story, share in each other’s successes and challenges, and turn for help whenever help is needed. Nick’s energy, business savvy and willingness to take on the impossible leave me speechless time and time again. He may be the most remarkable, warm-hearted, positive and inspiring person you will ever meet. It is an absolute pleasure and honour to have Nick as a role model and a mentor.”  E.Y.

​​” Attending the seminar and hearing you talk was such a blessing as I was on the brink of giving up. You reignited my hope to succeed. From all the advice and strategies to succeed I particularly found ‘Soft Skills’ to be the most important. Thank you for highlighting the importance of soft skills to succeed both personally and professionally in Canada. Since then I have made it a point to learn something new every day about this beautiful city, its culture and its people. I also dare my self to make if not big but small conversation with any person I meet in the elevator, stores, in a line up etc. I also make sure to browse through your websites every day. I sincerely hope that you continue to mentor immigrants because you have so much to offer.” S.H.