Would you slip a business card into a stranger’s pocket?

Of course not! Then why would people who are highly qualified do that very equivalent action on LinkedIn?

Since COVID-19 I posted I would help individuals who had lost their jobs and got amazing responses. I picked a few and have been helping them first rejig their #profile and then help the interview process with some significant success! Somehow word got around and now I am getting close to 20 requests a day from several people who are in a bad situation. Just wanted to connect. And that leads to asking for assistance. A two-step process that frankly could be done in one step!

I have limited time to spend and so I must decide who I choose. I thought I would share the qualifications to help people understand.

Here goes:
1. Must be in Canada. No ifs or buts.
2. Sends a message along with the request.

That’s it. No message, no accept. Sorry, it makes me feel really bad to do this but I have to give more points and attention to those who took the time to introduce themselves.

Now you know.