Soft Skills no immigrant Should Be Without

When you have a baby girl, you realize that there is something far more precious than the most precious jewels.
Soft Skills no immigrant Should Be Without

Of course not! Then why would people who are highly qualified do that very equivalent action on LinkedIn?

Since COVID-19 I posted I would help individuals who had lost their jobs and got amazing responses. I picked a few and have been helping them first rejig their #profile and then help the interview process with some significant success! Somehow word got around and now I am getting close to 20 requests a day from several people who are in a bad situation. Just wanted to connect. And that leads to asking for assistance. A two-step process that frankly could be done in one step!

I have limited time to spend and so I must decide who I choose. I thought I would share the qualifications to help people understand.

Here goes:
1. Must be in Canada. No ifs or buts.
2. Sends a message along with the request.

That’s it. No message, no accept. Sorry, it makes me feel really bad to do this but I have to give more points and attention to those who took the time to introduce themselves.

Now you know.